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Facetime For PC : How To Use Facetime Alternatives for Android, Windows 10 & 8.1

Apple's FaceTime video calling technologies is the most popular App for iOS and Android. Back in Feb. 2011, Apple launched a FaceTime program for the Mac OS, allowing users to make video calls involving any iOS devices and Macs running FaceTime. However, what about PC owners? Can they utilize FaceTime on Windows? and also know how to record facetime calls using PC. In this article, we will guide our users through the step by step download procedure for FaceTime for PC. We have also included a list of amazing features of this app.

Connected: If you are an Android user, you could be requesting: Could I utilize FaceTime on Android?

Regrettably, for Windows users, there's no method to utilize FaceTime on Windows (as of the writing, at least).

There are several programs that support video calling and video chatting on both the Windows and Windows Phone. However, there is no official FaceTime for Windows program that has been published by Apple.

Facetime for PC Download

FaceTime As Open Standard?

In 2010, when he introduced FaceTime in the firm's Worldwide Developers Conference, then-Apple CEO stated: "We are about the standards bodies, beginning tomorrow, and we are likely to make FaceTime an open industry standard." That strategy would have supposed that anybody would have the ability to make applications that's compatible with FaceTime. This could have opened the doors to third party programmers creating all types of FaceTime-compatible apps, such as those who operate on Windows (and, presumably, additional programs, such as Android).

Ever since that time, however, there's been hardly any discussion of earning FaceTime an open standard. Given that Apple has not done that yet and that it might see FaceTime as something that is unique to the Apple ecosystem at a universe of several video-calling platforms, so it appears probable that FaceTime will never develop into a cross-platform benchmark.

This usually means that there is no way for somebody using Windows to create a FaceTime phone to somebody working with an iOS apparatus via the FaceTime program (or to get someone within an iOS device to phone to a Windows user using FaceTime). I will update this page when and if that changes.

Alternatives for FaceTime on Windows

Though FaceTime does not operate on Windows, there are a few additional programs offering similar features which operate across several operating systems.

If You Would like to Create video calls with Windows, Android, Mac OS X, or even iOS, Try out these apps:

Glide - Glide places an interesting twist on movie call. It's true that you may use it to talk with friends via movie, but you could also record brief video clips and then send them to friends to see afterward. Add in the ability to have a set chat with around 50 individuals and also to send texts, and you have a persuasive program. Works on Android, iOS, and Windows. Download for Windows

iMovicha - A free video chat program for iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows. Much like Facetime, iMovicha functions over 3G and 4G LTE mobile data systems, not just Wi-Fi.

Download for Windows

Skype - Among the very well known, and hottest, video chat programs. Skype works on Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and some other platforms. The software and some applications are liberated; you can also record Skype calls, for instance. Add extra attributes vary in cost from US$0.01/min for some calls for $8.99/month for specific programs. Download for Windows ooVoo - Another video chat program which works on all the significant mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Consequently, in case you've got a buddy with a smartphone, then there is a great chance they could run ooVoo. Download for Windows Phone

Viber - Viber claims to have over 500 million consumers worldwide, so if you have to connect with individuals globally, it might be a fantastic bet. It does not have advertisements and supports dozens of languages. Facetime Alternatives for Android Download for Windows Phone

WeChat - The following program for Windows Phone which additionally contains Android and iOS variations making communication easy. WeChat is enormous in China, so if you communicate with folks there, this may be a fantastic alternative. Download for Windows Phone

Yahoo Messenger - Another chat app with movie attributes. The free Yahoo Messenger provides video chats on Windows and Mac OS X users. Download for Windows

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