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The Journey Of Microsoft Windows

Windows, a product launched by Microsoft is one of the most majorly used OS for pc, laptops, tablets, and other such devices. Microsoft started with the collaboration between Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the year 1975. They together developed a Linux system and BASIC. The company gained popularity in the field with the launch of DOS version of windows, a text-based command line OS. Since the release of its first version in 1985, MICROSOFT WINDOWS has updated its features in nine different versions.

Window Evolution

There have been many changes made in the OS of Microsoft in the past few decades. Starting with windows 1.0 to windows 10, each version released with a new set of features and improved interface.

  • MS Windows 1: This was the first product launched in 1985 by Microsoft. This was the company’s first attempt to build a multitasking 16-bit user interface. OS ran on MS-DOS, a command line input system.
  • MS Windows 2.0: Two years later, in 1987, the company released the new version of its operating system Windows 2. This version focused on matching features of Macintosh, its biggest competitor in the market.
  • MS Windows 3: This was the foremost operating system that gained success launched by Microsoft. This version required hard disk and Intel 386 processor support. The version also offered better and advanced graphics.
  • MS Windows 3.1: This version launched in 1992 and introduced fonts. This operating system required one MB of RAM support and took 10-15MB storage on a computer
  • MS Windows 95: The version introduced in 1995 and was the very first OS to run on a 32-bit platform that made it better for multitasking and introduced improved mobile computing quality.
  • MS Windows 98: This version was built on MS-DOS kernel and was a hybrid of 16 and 32-bit environment. It also occupied minimum 500MB space on hard disk.
  • MS Windows ME: The version launched in the year 2000 and was the last version built on MS-DOS.
  • MS Windows 2000: This version of windows also released in the same year and was a foremost operating system to support hibernation.
  • MS Windows XP: This version was the best version launched by Microsoft until then. The OS based on Windows NT and supported features of Windows ME.
  • MS Windows Vista: Windows Vista launched after almost six years to launch of Windows XP. This version provided better wireless networking and security options.
  • MS Windows 7: This version was an improved version of Vista. It was faster and much more stable than previous versions.
  • MS Windows 8: The version was much faster than previous versions and supported 3.0 USB.