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How to get free internet for Android with Psiphon 2017

You want to watch Netflix or Hulu but your country is not supported by those platforms. You want to open a certain obscure web site which somehow your internet provider is blocking. You want to download a torrent but your country has officially taken down all torrent sites. Your whole life is falling apart because of internet censorship. How can you prevent that? How to circumvent internet censorship with a reasonable amount of effort? There are plenty of solutions like VPN, Proxy etc. But today you'll be introduced to a new beast. Psiphon which was specifically created to circumvent the dilemma of internet censorship.

What Is Psiphon?

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Psiphon is an open source tool to escape internet censorship.  It uses a combination of secure communication and obfuscation technologies such as VPN, HTTP Proxy and SSH or Secure Shell. The code of psiphon is maintained by Psiphon, Inc a company which operates systems and services specifically designed to help internet users to securely bypass the content filtering system used by the governments to impose internet censorship.

How Does Psiphon Work?

Due to being a centrally managed geographically diverse network of thousands of proxy servers, if any server gets blocked there is always another server for backup. The servers are regularly maintained and added on if deemed necessary. Once a user connects to psiphon his or her IP will be masked immediately using the IP of the geographical location of the psiphon server selected by him or her. After getting a foreign IP, the user can watch or access any content that is unblocked in that country.

How to Install Psiphon:

If you want to use Psiphon on Windows follow these steps:

  1. Download the Psiphon 3 client from psiphon official site and run it. You should see a security prompt showing the product is from Psiphon, Inc.
  2. Psiphon automatically attempts to connect to the best server showing a spinning icon while connecting. You can also select the tunneling mode here. VPN, SSH, SSH+ etc.
  3. When the psiphon client successfully connects to the server a green icon is shown and you can now start browsing the internet freely.

If you want to use Psiphon on Android Phone follow these steps:

  1. Download psiphon pro app from play store. If you cannot find the app then download psiphon apk from any of the trusted apk download sites like apk mirror and install the apk file in your android phone. <image_1_link_2>
  2. Start the application. There are two modes of connection. Tunnel the whole device which affects all the apps installed in the phone. Every app will access the internet from that changed location of psiphon Another option is the psiphon browser mode. This way all other apps in the android phone will remain unaffected and hence you can use just the web browser to go visit the site you want to. However, there is one thing to remember, to turn on the whole device tunneling mode you need a device with android version 4.0+ or a rooted android phone. For a android 4.0+ device psiphon will just use the in-built VPN tool of android OS.
  3. Once psiphon is connected you'll see a notification on the status bar saying connected.

That's it. You're connected to the restriction free internet. Enjoy while you still can.

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